Another Ridiculous Find During A Roof Evaluation

It is ridiculous how many messed up situations we have been running across while doing a roof evaluation and this one is even more ridiculous due to the fact the property manager paid someone to coat the roof a year ago. Well there is not a chance that this roof was coated a year ago, maybe three years ago using a low grade coating at the best. These are the types of situations that make us sick to our stomachs knowing there are terrible individuals out there that say and get paid to do a quality job and they don’t live up to their word, in this case even worse than doing a shoddy job they just do nothing what so ever and cash their check. This is beyond un professional it is downright criminal, the property manager said that he had tried to call that person back several times and left messages to never hear a single word back.

This type of thing has left the roof exposed to the potential of wood rot and mold to have a starting point down below the roof sheeting. The property manager said the person gave a very low price and that was the reason he had went with that person, well sure the guy would give a very low price since he was going to cut corners to the upmost and not even do the job at all. It is bad enough there are many guys out there that are going to give a very low price and do a less than ideal job, be it using inferior products, watering down the product, rushing the job and not being as detailed as they should be just to cut time down. It is just mind blowing that there are so many of those type of guys out there that are going to just get a few dollars and put the trusting homeowners investment and Home at risk to have some serious problems in the future. Health risks alone involving the potential of mold should open these people’s eyes, but they don’t have to live there and obviously do not care at all so they are going to continue to do the shoddy work or even lack of work in general.

Please do not fall victim to unprofessional or just downright scam artists that are out there looking to take advantage of everyone and anyone that they can.

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Tucson Roof Coatings, LLC, Coatings  Protective, Tucson, AZ
Tucson Roof Coatings, LLC, Coatings Protective, Tucson, AZ
Tucson Roof Coatings
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5 out of 5 stars

Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Tucson Roof Coating was very professional, did outstanding work and best of all, very prompt! I will definitely be using them again for future projects. I would highly recommend them. 5 stars for sure.

Burgess Electric LLC Burgess
Burgess Electric LLC Burgess

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Very very professional!! If you want a job done right call these guys!! VERY IMPRESSED FIVE STARS ISNT ENOUGH!

Jill Heredia
Jill Heredia

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

My husband and I went through several roof repair/replacement estimates and it left us feeling defeated. The price was either too high or the company had terrible reviews. I told my husband let's try one more bid and boy am I glad we did. Tucson Roof Coaters came out the very next day and did a through estimate for everything we needed fixed. Then, they told us that despite the other companies assuring us we will need a complete roof replacement in the next few years, that we actually don't and if we got it patched properly it would last us another 10 to 15 years! The honesty was refreshing, because as you know, a totally new roof is not cheap so of course a company would suggest it! Not Tucson Roof Coaters. They tell you exactly what needs to be done and nothing more. No sales pitch, no bs, no lies. They came out and did the job in a timely matter, left absolutely no mess whatsoever (actually there was a little bit of aluminum on our yard from the power wash but they came back and cleaned that up right away). I can't recommend these guys enough. Their price was spot on and more than fair. Their work is impeccable and their warranty is competitive. Great guys, real professionals!

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