As you can see in the video on this page, this roof had quite a bit of damage around the swamp box cooler from the cooler being improperly installed to begin with and then after years of neglect it caused more and more damage to the decking all around the cooler and also where the water was draining off the roof. There was no water shut off valve installed in the water line to the cooler which allowed the water to continue to flow even when the water float had issues then water would overflow out of the pan onto the roof, over years the water damaged the area right under the cooler first which created a low ponding area and soft spot in the decking. It is very important to keep an eye on what is going on up on your roof or have someone go up to take pictures and check things out for you so that a somewhat small issue will not lead to some serious issues which can cost much more money in the long run.


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