Roof Coating Tucson One Roof At A Time

We run across many things on roofs & there are many times that we just can’t help ourselves to address the situation. This roof we ran across a dryer vent cap that was stuffed full of fine lint which could lead to several different problems if it were just to be left there, to think there were a few companies that had done estimates on this roof before we got a call to come out. Guess they didn’t see it or just did not want to take the time to make sure someone will not have problems even if they didn’t end up getting the job, we cannot be like that so we took a few minutes to clean out all of the lint that had built up in the vent cap & left knowing that was not going to cause potential fire problems for the homeowner. Since many homeowners do not get on their roof they just don’t see everything that can go on up on their roof, it may be due to not a fan of heights or they are just too busy but when they call someone out to help them then attention to all details is called for. We pay attention to all the details & if we get the job or not we will not walk away from something that can cause serious potential problems.

Roof Coating Tucson One Roof At A Time


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