Today we were able to take some final pictures of the completed project using 100% silicone top coat, the new AC/Heat pump was installed and we came back to do the final touches to make sure that there will be no leaks and that the roof will last for quite a long time to come. We also put a platform on top of the old AC/Heat pump mount so that the home owner Geri can go on to her roof and enjoy the awesome evenings and night skies out here in Tucson, Arizona. There is nothing like a happy home owner that is going to enjoy her new roof how she wants.

We at Tucson Roof Coatings are here for you and can make things happen hat you want and need to make sure your roof is in great shape for years to come.

Check out our Gallery Page to see pictures of the project, along some pictures of the platform we set up for Geri. Plus you will see something that Tucson Roof Coatings does different to ensure that cables/wires/conduit will not be sitting on your roof to act as a water dam to hold water and debris that can cause damage to your roof coating and roof in general.

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Tucson Roof Coatings, LLC, Coatings  Protective, Tucson, AZ
Tucson Roof Coatings, LLC, Coatings Protective, Tucson, AZ

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