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It is always good to check the condition of your roof three to four times a year specially after a strong storm where there might have been a chance of something being blown onto the roof that could cause damage. During micro bursts there is a chance that something with a fair amount of weight or force could have made its way to your roof in which the roof its self, skylights and even air ducts that are above the roof line could get damaged. If you are not comfortable with getting up on to your roof then give us at Tucson Roof Coatings LLC a call and we will gladly come out and give your roof a free evaluation. In the video below you can see signs of roof damage that is in need of being repaired and coated.

When you’re looking for an honest & professional roof coating evaluation on your roof give us at Tucson Roof Coatings LLC a call 520-314-7811

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✔ Warranties starting at 5 years


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